Numbers 14-16 Psalm 44

Some of my favorite Psalms are credited to the sons of Korah. They’re beautiful. They’re inspiring. They associated with a man who was swallowed into the earth along with his household for trying to incite a rebellion against Moses, Aaron, and God’s chosen priestly hierarchy.

I mean… that’s quite the contrast. Accusing Moses of exalting himself above the assembly of the Lord because he wants, I don’t know, a more authoritative position himself? Versus “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.” Why? Why would these psalmists serving under David chose to associate themselves with Korah rather than any of their other ancestors?

I don’t know. Maybe it was to keep themselves humble. Maybe it was a reminder of where pride could take you. Maybe it serves as a redemption of the family line. You can remember this line as coming from the famous rebel, or you can remember this line for their humble worship and dutiful service. Maybe it’s both.

We are all broken. We all have things in our pasts we wish we could forget. Our own choices as well as family associations. And we can be better than that. We can choose better. Our histories do not define us. Our families do not define us. What fills your heart? What spills forth out of your heart? That is what defines you.

But, uh, seriously? Don’t be like those folks who WATCHED THE EARTH SWALLOW THREE WHOLE HOUSEHOLDS and marched up to Moses the next day saying “You have killed the people of the Lord.” Like, come on. How did Moses open the earth? And if he did, you really gonna call him out on it? You want a plague of judgment? That’s how you get a plague of judgment.

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