Isaiah 13-17 Psalm 112

Sometimes I wonder what life was like for Isaiah. Were his prophecies all received within a few years of ministry? If so, what filled the rest of his life? “Ordinary” service?

I could look this up. I’m sure there are scholars that have at least addressed these questions, but I’m more curious what it was like to live with this sort of ministry at all.

What was it like to be given such a monumentous message? This is huge.

“Things are going to get really bad. REALLY bad.

But! The people who are going to be used to punish you, yeah, just in case someone might believe their victories indicate some sort of approval, they’re going to all receive their own judgments, eventually.

AND, eventually, things will get good again. There will be forgiveness and reconciliation and deliverance.

But we’re talking on a pretty long time line here, just so you know.

Again, you’re going to suffer. They’re going to suffer. You’ll be ok.”

It’s a lot. What was it like to be taken to the throne room of God? What was it like to deliver such a mixed message of despair and hope? What was it like to continue existing in his present world having seen so much beyond and so much to come?

I just… he was a person. Just like you or me. Just a person. Yeah, he was equipped by God for that to which he was called, but still. I wonder.

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