Isaiah 23-27 Psalm 114

God is a stronghold to the poor. All the laws protecting the poor. All the injunctions to help the poor. It’s almost as God views poverty as a ‘neighborhood’ problem.

In the midst of dramatic victory, defeating death, glorious imagery, there’s this line about the poor! God is mercy. God attends to the least of humanity.

There’s never any accusations that ‘they make poor life choices.’ There’s never any warning that ‘they can’t be trusted with handouts, so buy them food or offer organized placement services.’ There’s never any suggestion that ‘they’re just lazy and if you choose to help they’ll continue to ask for more.’

No. We see some disgust and judgment from the pharisees, though. I mean, we aren’t there yet, so I won’t dwell on them, but still.

I’m just saying. It really sticks out, you know?

Or… at least, I think it should.

Short and to the point today. Whatever your politics, how do you honestly see the poor? Whatever you believe is the ‘right way’ to help, are you contributing? Or are you leaving it up to others? Because it’s pretty clear how God feels about.

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