Isaiah 49-51 Psalm 119:65-96

“I will make you a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the end of the earth.”

It wasn’t enough for God to choose Israel. It wasn’t enough to redeem Israel, to have Israel display God’s glory and power to the world. This passage says so. That would be ‘too light.’ Not enough. It’s just not good enough.

No. God wants to save the whole world. God hasn’t just chosen Israel to serve him. God has chosen Israel to take his message, his glory, his light to the all the earth. To everyone.

I feel like I should write a lot more than this, that this hardly qualifies as a reflection, is hardly worth a blog post. But, honestly, I’ve got nothing else to say about it.

“You’ll be my servants, but that isn’t enough, you’re also going to go out and introduce me to everyone else.”

Yep. Just sit with that. No limits. No exclusions. Everyone.

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