Hosea 11-14 Psalm 124

Hosea kind of broke my heart a little. How beautiful is that? A poem about how much God loves his errant child of a nation.

I know this world is full of terrible parents. It’s one of the greatest tragedies there is. And the world is full of parents who do their best are still terrible parents. They are too broken themselves to be a reliable presence for their children. It’s devastating.

And as a parent, I often feel overwhelmed by all the ways I fall short. All the ways my children deserve better. All the ways my damage is passed onto them, my ignorance, my frailty.

This, this poem about THE Father, and his love, and his heartache, and his mercy… it’s comforting. It’s inspiring. It’s convicting. It’s illuminating. It’s personal.

Are my posts short because of the migraines? Or is there just no need for many words?

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