Obadiah Psalm 127

Do you ever wonder if they got tired of the prophecies?

I mean, there are several prophets serving several kings in both nations delivering the same warnings. Did they get tired of hearing it? Did they ever doubt it was ever really going to happen? Like, that last guy said the same thing?

And, the prophecies aren’t warnings anymore, not really. They aren’t ‘repent or else’ messages. They’re just: this is going to happen. So, was it just for the record? Could they have pulled it back around, hypothetically? Because they did have a good king here and there, sporadically, put in a sound effort.

I’m really bad at timelines, so I’ve never been able to keep the progression straight. The fact that our Biblical order is not chronological does not help.

You know, sometimes, as I read, I have way more questions than I do thoughts. If Leviticus is heavy with law and Numbers is boring with all the, well, numbers, the prophets get sluggish with all the repetition. But it does drive the point home. Israel was unfaithful, and they would pay the price, but God would redeem them.

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