Nahum Psalm 131

The Bible Project, the people who put together the ReadScripture app I’m using for this read through, say in their video on Nahum that it is a message is one of comfort: God will eventually bring down every oppressive government in every time.

The hard part is the suffering in the mean time. If he’s a good God, if he cares so much about the suffering and the injustice, why does he even let it occur?

Well, because punishing someone for something they are going to do isn’t justice. As much as it hurts, the bad guys get to make their own choices. Free will isn’t free will if only those who use it well get to enjoy it.

I wish it were different. I wish the world were still perfect and no one had ever had to suffer at all, but this is where we are. This broken place is what we have. If we want to be free, autonomous individuals than everyone gets to be free, autonomous individuals, and some of them are going to hurt others. Some of them are going take advantage. Some of them are going to oppress.

The good news is that God is just, and the day will come when all will be perfect again. We just have to patient.

How many times have I given my kids a few more chances than I probably should have because I really want them to choose to obey? Because I really don’t want to make them sad by enforcing consequences I know they aren’t going to like for behaviors that are not good for them (or are hurtful or dangerous)? God isn’t delaying out of any disinterest or lack of compassion. He’s giving us as much time to come around as he can.

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