Habakkuk Psalm 132

This short book kind of answer the questions I dealt with after reading Nahum. Why does God allow the suffering to occur in the first place? If he’s going to bring justice, what is he waiting for?

Habakkuk is asking those questions. And he doesn’t get in trouble for it. Note that. He doesn’t get in trouble for it.

It reads a lot like some of the Psalms, to me. We have quite a few Psalms about suffering and waiting for vindication and justice. And God answer Habakkuk here. God answers.

It may not exactly be the answer we want. He really just says keep waiting, but it’s an answer, and it’s an important one. God reminds us that he’s doing so much more than we could ever comprehend, even if he explained it all.

We need to remember that our timeline is measured in years. God’s operating on a timeline of eternity. We live our days like they are endless, but they are so not even a breath in light of what is to come.

God is working, even when we can’t understand it. God is working, even when we are getting impatient. So, like Habakkuk, we need to recognize our fear and our pain and our anger and choose to wait on God, choose to praise God continuously regardless our circumstance, choose to trust him to fulfill his word. He always has before.

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