Zephaniah Psalm 133

When God takes away our judgment and clears away our enemies, when all has been restored, Zephaniah says God will be among us. And not just to receive our adoration and praise, but rejoice over us. “He will exult over [us] with loud singing.”

We really are the object of God’s affection.

My favorite line, though, is “He will quiet you by his love.”

Have you ever just been so awed by someone else’s love for you that you were at a loss for words? I don’t mean have you ever loved someone else so much you were speechless, I mean have you have ever been rendered speechless by someone else’s love for you?

I have. It’s pretty intense. And I gotta say, I’m pretty awed by God’s love already. It isn’t much of a challenge for me to imagine being overwhelmed by the full expression of that love.

I’m just… folks, listen. God himself is going to rejoice over us with gladness. All we know of love is but a shadow of his, a poor reflection. All he does, all his waiting, all his prophecy and judgment and more waiting, it’s all for us, all to bring as many of us as are willing back into fellowship with him.

He’s not some tyrant. He’s not some absentee father. He’s not some capricious deity.

He. Is. Love.

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