One Year Anniversary

So I just renewed my account with WordPress and the domain name for this blog/site. I’ve been working on this for a year now. That’s something to realize when you’re time blind. It does not feel like I’ve been at this for a year, and yet I can barely remember a time it wasn’t part of my life.

What’s interesting is that I remember starting out, a solid routine, a full month written ahead of time. I remember managing the routine but rarely getting the posts up on time. I remember learning, and doing, the scheduled posting. I remember losing a week here and there and managing to to catch up over a couple months of posting one extra day a week, using both days of the weekend. AND THEN…

It all kind fell apart, didn’t it? I had a bad run of it. I got really behind. I could, easily, beg forgiveness of regular readers, which I’ve done, and just let it go. Just get back into a rhythm and be behind. But now. That just doesn’t work for me. I want to fix it.

Why? I’m not really sure. Could be a stubborn defiance of the ADHD and chronic pain that lead to the disruption. Could be the neurodivergent need to complete it the way it is supposed to be completed. After all, the dates in the middle may be a big muddle, but if I end when I was supposed to end, than I’ve accomplished my goal! Not to mention that if I get things back on track by the end of the month, which I intend to, I will have November to catch up with my buffer, and by December, the one year mark of the Bible study itself, kind of, I’ll be completely back on track. I’ll be able to face the second half as a fresh(ish) start. Try again.

You know what I’ve learned in my life? Either approach would be fine. Letting the past mistake go and adjusting the timetable would be completely fine. Working within the original parameters and getting back on schedule is fine. Neither is right. They are two different solutions to the same problem, but they are both solutions.

We need to hold grace for the people around us. They live and feel and think differently than we do, even when they’ve been raised in the same environment as us for all of our lives. We are each unique. So many times we are faced with situations for which there are multiple or many ‘correct’ answers. Just because someone does it differently than we do doesn’t mean they are wrong, and we don’t always need to be right. It is possible to just be different.

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