Job 24-28 Psalm 140

Okay, seriously, I’m tired. I personally believe this a sort of drama, an allegorical piece of teaching literature, but whether it’s literal or not, it’s as exhausting as it is accurate. It just does not end, the back and forth, the round and round, of Job and his companions. I cannot call them friends.

How is this not still accurate today? How do we not do this to each other constantly? Talk at each other than to each other, listening only enough to determine whether they’ve finally ‘gotten’ what we’re trying to say?

That’s not discussion. That’s not debate. That’s not help or comfort or advice or anything remotely constructive or kind.

In our personal lives. Concerning politics. Concerning beliefs of any kind. This is humanity. We are right. We must prove we are right. We must never admit we even could be wrong.

It’s sickening. It’s isolating. It’s hurtful.

If I cared less, to paraphrase a quote from a novel that only applicable taken completely out of context, perhaps I could talk about it more. For now, just don’t be this way. Put in the effort it takes to not be this way. Please. For your sake. For the sake of those you care about. For the sake of our country and, not to be dramatic in the least, for our entire world.

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