Job 32-34 Psalm 142

Got to love the argument that because God is just, everything that happens is earned in one way or another. First of all, we are usually dramatically uniformed regarding the situation in question. Secondly, we are often just plain wrong regarding what would be true justice in any given situation. Third, by requiring justice to be immediate, we are constraining God to our timeline, and he simply does not work on any scale we can comprehend.

The first three “friends” finally give up. They se that Job isn’t going to take what they’re saying to heart. I don’t know that they are brought around to his point of view, but they at least finally stop talking. This guy can’t accept that. Because it’s a moral issue, he’s obligated to speak up.

Our world is full of people who are obligated to correct people they disagree with. I think what we’re obligated to do is to check in with people. To have a conversation with them. To empathize with their situation and discuss where they are at. Are they acting out of grief? Anger? Defiance? Have they indulged a desire they know, with a little prodding, isn’t really wise? Have they justified it to themselves somehow? Or do they sincerely believe they are in the right? Are they open to the Spirit? Are they confident before God?

Do they engage with your point of view and respond to it? Do you engage with their point of view and respond to it?

Maybe you just disagree on whether a thing is right or wrong. One of you is correct, but unless God speaks out of the wind or writes it on the wall, you may not really truly incontrovertibly know which one that is until Christ returns. Are you ok with that?

This guy isn’t.

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