Job 38-39 Psalm 144

These chapters have always been among me favorite. There’s something about a depiction of God being sarcastic that appeals to me a very a deep level. It makes him relatable. It shows an emotional God.

We get to see God as angry, heartbroken, and loving. We get to see God as jealous and compassionate. So don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of emotion on display. The scripture gives us a detailed portrait.

There’s just something about the complexity of emotion that leads to sarcasm. It isn’t just anger. It isn’t just pain. It’s irritated. It’s offended. It’s hurt feelings and indignation. It is personal.

It is validating of our experiences and our emotions and our relationships. It at once allows us to draw closer through deeper empathy and understanding but also puts us in our place along with Job because listen to what is said. Were you there? Can you answer those questions?

The awe and wonder inspired by sincere contemplation of the presented images. The comfort and encouragement found in the intimate revelation.

I love it.

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