Psalm 1-2, 146

So today’s reading was Psalm 1-2, which was read at the very beginning considering that this particular plan has you read through the Psalms twice while reading through the rest of the Bible. It doesn’t follow through the rest of the book right away. It moves on to Proverbs tomorrow, while the additional Psalm continues to 147 tomorrow and finishes out 150 before starting over at 1.

I love Psalm 1.

I love the Psalms. There are songs of pure worship. There are songs of anguish. Songs of rage. We have beautiful poetry walking us through the human condition, telling us we are not alone. Others have felt dry, abandoned, alone. We can look to better days, we can look to the hills for comfort, we can cry out to God, and he will hear us.

Emotions are real. Emotions are strong. Emotions make us who we are. We are responsible for how we respond to the emotions we experience, but those experiences are valid.

God wants us to be comfortable enough with him to lay it all out, honestly if humbly. God wants to walk through it all with us. We are not meant to be alone.

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