Ezekiel 5-8

There are some pretty horrible things in these prophecies. It’s all pretty extreme. Jealousy. Fury. And in the middle, God says that the people will despise their gold and silver because it cannot deliver them.

They can’t buy their way out of judgment. More, the gods they formed out of gold and silver cannot deliver them. They strayed from God, worshipped statues of their own making, and when God became jealous, when his fury demanded judgment, those statues were worthless. Not only are they powerless, but they lack basic value. They cannot so much as buy the people bread.

It should have been completely expected. God told them many times what would happen. But there is something about money losing it’s purchasing power because people tried to attribute to it a greater power that is ironic.

What do you cling to? What do you grant power over you that it should not have? Because it will not last.

Sometimes I feel guilty, like I should have more to say. But sometimes… it really is that simple. Expounding any further would only dilute the thought, the idea. So… I shall just leave it.

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