Ezekiel 9-12

All right. I don’t really have anything passage significant today. So I’m going to take this opportunity to remind whoever happens to be reading that it is perfectly all right to be down right confused by a passage of Scripture. It is good idea to look for help from pastors, friends, books, podcasts, blogs, what have you.

Sometimes we need the perspective of someone who did copious research, took copious notes, and drafted an overview/summary for the benefit of others. Sometimes we just need a different perspective. That’s fine.

Just make sure you are weighing what you find against what you do know of Scripture. Make sure you approach any question with prayer and attention to the Spirit’s leading. Remember, what anyone shares with you is done according to their best understanding. No one chooses to be wrong (unless they’re just straight up lying), but we are all going to be wrong about something eventually. Trust the Spirit to protect you and do your best.

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