Ezekiel 13-15

God is a very jealous god. He really does not tolerate idolatry. All of this destruction and suffering is the result of the people violating their covenant and worshipping other gods. But there are few things that will escalate God’s jealousy to full wrath.

He will not tolerate the corruption of justice, which the people have done. He will not tolerate the exploitation of the vulnerable, which the people have done. He will not tolerate the sacrifice of children’s lives, which the people have done. And he will not tolerate people being led astray in his name, which the people have done.

Prophets have straight up lied in God’s name. Those who believed false prophets simply because they wanted to are responsible for their own guilt, but the false prophets are in for a special judgment.

I know that sin is sin, and judgment is judgment. That in the end, you are right with God or not, pass or fail. But there are so many passages in the Bible that suggest there is a special judgment for certain offenses. And, interestingly, it’s never the ones church tradition seems the most concerned with. That… that might be worth reflecting on…

Anyway, I find it comforting, really. Every passage about God’s wrath that is truly emotional, that is saturated with heartrending pain beneath a white hot fury, is about justice for the dispossessed: the widows, the orphans, the sojourners, the vulnerable. That really says something. And I think it deserves more attention. A lot more attention. Maybe even a whole book.

Do you know of one? If you do, please share.

Oh, and there’s a passage of judgment against women who collect souls… that reads like a straight horror script… like… okay. Not sure I want to know the broader context and more detailed history there, but… I kinda do? Intense.

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