Ezekiel 25-27

And now God gets into the judgments against the surrounding nations. He promised they would be judged as well. Now those judgments are being pronounced.

I find it interesting that one of the big reasons for judgment is rejoicing in Judah’s fall. These were enemies. Historical, constant enemies. But they’re being punished, harshly, for celebrating in the fall of Judah. Just because they are being punished now doesn’t mean the Israelites are no longer chosen. God is still going to bring redemption through Christ through them. God is still going to restore a remnant.

Of course, I don’t think God would look favorably on anyone rejoicing in anyone else’s suffering, deserved or not. Pain is not something to be celebrated.

It’s just so prideful, isn’t it? Seeking your own elevation at the expense of another’s wellbeing? The need to be the best, the strongest, the wealthiest? Hating someone so much that their pain actually makes you happy? It’s all petty and cruel.

I mentioned earlier that declaring judgment on the surrounding nations made it very clear that God hadn’t lost to foreign gods, or given favor to foreign nations, or that those other nations were any way stronger or approved of. It also proves that God does have authority and power of nations other than Israel. It isn’t just that he is strong enough to overpower them in battle, to defend his nation and his people, but he is in authority over them as well. He is right and just and able to cast judgment upon them.

These other nations had no covenant that they violated, yet their actions still warrant judgment. They never agreed to submit to God’s authority and then made a mockery of it all, yet he is still their God because he is the only God, and we are all, whether we accept it or not, under his authority as his creations in his creation.

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