Job 40-42 Psalm 145

Job immediate reaction to God’s appearance is repentance. He doesn’t try to defend himself. He doesn’t try to explain. He just accepts that he crossed a line and repents, apologizes, corrects himself. Yes, God is talking through a whirlwind here, so probably pretty easy to humble yourself before a tornado, even a little one, but … Read more

Job 38-39 Psalm 144

These chapters have always been among me favorite. There’s something about a depiction of God being sarcastic that appeals to me a very a deep level. It makes him relatable. It shows an emotional God. We get to see God as angry, heartbroken, and loving. We get to see God as jealous and compassionate. So … Read more

Job 32-34 Psalm 142

Got to love the argument that because God is just, everything that happens is earned in one way or another. First of all, we are usually dramatically uniformed regarding the situation in question. Secondly, we are often just plain wrong regarding what would be true justice in any given situation. Third, by requiring justice to … Read more

Job 29-31 Psalm 141

This is one of those nights that I’ve got nothing. Poor Job is still defending himself. I’m not drawn to any particular verses or led to reflect on any particular concepts that I have not already discussed. So here’s your periodic reminder: this is ok. This is all right. There will be days like this … Read more

Job 24-28 Psalm 140

Okay, seriously, I’m tired. I personally believe this a sort of drama, an allegorical piece of teaching literature, but whether it’s literal or not, it’s as exhausting as it is accurate. It just does not end, the back and forth, the round and round, of Job and his companions. I cannot call them friends. How … Read more

Job 12-15 Psalm 137

I kinda like Job’s sass. “Do you think I don’t know everything your telling me? Do you think I haven’t heard it all my entire life? I could have given all your arguments for you! But just listen to me! I’m telling you, I don’t deserve this!” Then his last friend pipes up a pretty … Read more

Job 8-11 Psalm 136

So Job’s second friend doubles down on the whole “this happened, so therefore you must have deserved it” argument. Some comfort. Job’s response, poor guy, is so agitated. He starts by screaming “I KNOW” at the guy. “I KNOW GOD IS GOD!” He can’t stand before God! There is nothing that could ever make him … Read more

Job 4-7 Psalm 135

So Job’s first friend to speak up starts with “Would you mind if I said something? It doesn’t really matter, I’m gonna say it anyway.” And he ends with, “I’m only saying this for your own.” Man, don’t we all know someone like that? Or a few someones? Seriously, do people listen to themselves? And … Read more

Job 1-3 Psalm 134

So we’re getting into Job. It’s one of my favorite books. I love the message of it. I love the honesty and rawness of Job’s grief. I love the sarcasm we see from God. I love everything about it. Some people get hung up on whether it’s literal or not. Did God hold court and … Read more