Judges 19-21 Psalm 76

The end of Judges. This last bit is just more demonstration of how chaotic and depraved the situation was, really. The whole book is difficult. Like, I find it odd that the language used in each account implies that a judge is raised up to lead the nation and Israel has rest for so many … Read more

Judges 16-18 Psalm 75

At first, reading through the story of Micah and Levite left me, yet again, bewildered as to the point. Directed by a commentary, however, to focus on one verse, “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes,” pretty much cleared it up. Think about it. … Read more

Judges 13-15 Psalm 74

I don’t like Samson. I never have. And I can’t say I’ve ever felt confident in my understanding of his purpose. Before I get into that, though, his parents get to watch the Angel of the Lord ride off on the smoke of their sacrifice. I mean, come on! That is truly awesome. And they … Read more

Judges 6-8 Psalm 72

Seriously, there is so much to unpack in Judges. Some of it is confusing, some of it is bizarre. Most of it is very dramatic. I’m beginning to think that I need an in-depth study of the book. It’s definitely been added to my list. Today, though, I want to appreciate Gideon’s father. We don’t … Read more

Judges 4-5 Psalm 71

Can I just say? Deborah is one of my favorites. She really is, even though we don’t really get a lot of personal information about her. First of all, she’s great for answering those people who like to maintain that women should not hold positions of authority in the church. Consider: Barak did not lose … Read more

Judges 1-3 Psalm 70

I have a lot of questions about Judges. Most of them need further looking into, the consulting of experts I have not yet had time to pursue. I have much to think about. I guess I’m not alone. It seems to me that there’s a lot here to inspire questions. I hope anyone reading this … Read more