Lamentations 4-5

Restore us to yourself, O Lord, that we may be restored!… … unless you have utterly rejected us, and you remain exceedingly angry with us. There is something so very human in these last verses. Here’s everything we’ve suffered. It’s been so long. We understand why it’s all happened, why it’s like this, but maybe … Read more

Lamentations 3

Even in pain and desolation, there is hope in the Lord. Isn’t that beautiful? We are allowed to feel our grief, but even in our grief we should remember our hope. One can remember hope without denying pain. Hope does not eliminate pain or grief or suffering, hope looks to an end, a resolution, a … Read more

Lamentations 1-2

So, to begin with, I’m just going to drop a link to The Bible Project video for Lamentations. I’ve talked about The Bible Project before, but it’s been a while. The app with the reading plan I’m following is their ReadScripture app, and it includes the appropriate videos at the beginning of each book. It’s … Read more