Pieces of the Mosaic


I’m Elizabeth Snowder, which is a bit of a mouthful, so feel free to call me Elly, or Ms. Snow if you prefer. This is a place to explore Christian faith and culture, to compare Scripture to our human traditions.

I was raised in the Conservative Southern American Church. I am grateful to my parents for raising me in the church. I am grateful for the examples of faith they introduced me to, my heroes of faith. I am grateful for the education I received, for the experiences I had. However, like many others, certain aspects of the church began to trouble me.

Half of my life, I was told ‘this is the way things are.’ I began questioning that ‘way’ before I left home, but I’ve spent my life since searching for the line between faith and culture. Deconstructing my faith, as it is popularly described.

In this space, I intend to lay out the pieces. I’m going to hold up some of the pieces I’m letting go and discuss why it’s being discarded. I’m going to hold up the pieces I’m keeping and discuss their value.

Come with me. Talk with me. Ask your questions. I probably won’t have the best answer, but I’ll look for a good one, and maybe we can find it together. When we disagree, and I’m sure we will, let me know. I know no one is right about everything, and I doubt anyone is wrong about everything. We can be wrong without being bad, and we can be right without being good, but we can disagree without being enemies.

Pieces of the Mosaic

Welcome to my home. We make the most of what we have, here. Old items get repurposed; yard sales and thrift stores a regular habit. Our home is more…eclectic comfortable than it is stylish, but we like it. I didn’t always. I’ll be honest. I used to long for a well designed home with coordinated…

Through the Bible

So, I have probably read the entire Bible a couple of times, but let’s be honest, it’s difficult. Not only do you have Leviticus and Deuteronomy repeating a lot of the same information, but Chronicles is no picnic, some the minor prophets (because they’re short, not insignificant) are…odd, and Ezekiel and Revelation are a whole…

The Bible vs Sunday School

The church as a cultural entity has been under fire a lot in recent decades. We have an opportunity to use this as a refining fire. Culture shifts, changes. Sometimes this is objectively good: abolishing slavery, developing social justice, and broadening civil rights. Sometimes it’s subjectively good: changing fashion and propriety. Sometimes it’s completely neutral:…

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