Inadvertent Hiatus

I had no intention of taking a break from this blog between the Christmas season and the end of Easter. However, apparently it was necessary. I’m not entirely sure how I managed to keep it up during Christmas, to be honest, but I did. Once we were through that season, however, I found myself utterly … Read more

One Year Anniversary

So I just renewed my account with WordPress and the domain name for this blog/site. I’ve been working on this for a year now. That’s something to realize when you’re time blind. It does not feel like I’ve been at this for a year, and yet I can barely remember a time it wasn’t part … Read more

When Something Need to Break

This series is a bit more difficult for me to write than the others. Through the Bible is the backbone of this blog, the original conceit. The Bible vs Sunday School is a secondary series with entries written as I encounter passages that seem to conflict with what I was taught, and Pieces of Me … Read more

It’s Weird, I Tell You

Ok, so here’s the thing. Worship is weird. Church is weird. Everything about Christianity is weird. It isn’t just going about your life and getting through the day, looking for ways to enjoy yourself. It’s more than practicing spirituality and seeking peaceful enlightenment. For those of you that have been in it your whole life, … Read more

When other people break us

We can do our best. We can be totally surrendered and open to God’s leading. We can pack and go when he sends us, where he sends us. We can get everything right, and still wind up broken and off course. We interviewed at a church clear across the country. It would be a difficult … Read more


I have felt called to speak since I was in college, almost 20 years now. I have never had a platform to speak from. Even if we hadn’t moved around too much for me to develop a ministry position that would grow out of the local church into regional retreats and national conventions, I haven’t … Read more


One of the problems we have, so very often, is understanding God’s timing. Or why he sometimes says yes and often says no. But here’s the thing: I have a handful of broken pieces with pretty sharp edges. I really want God to fix the thing that broke (if not stop it from breaking in … Read more


Just a quick word about resources. If you’re going to go about the business of examining, understanding, and deepening your faith, you’re going to need quality resources. Sermons. Devotionals. Bible studies. Teachers. Commentaries. These are all pieces we use to construct our understanding of Scripture. Some people are so intimidated by the Bible that they … Read more