This is prompted more by recent conversations I’ve been having than by the Scripture in the reading the plan, but it seems a good time to discuss it nonetheless. This post is not meant to be definitive. This post is going to be my experience with the question of sexuality. I will, next month, address … Read more

King Ahab the Pouter

I distinctly remember having Ahab presented to me as a cry-baby when I was a child. Patch the Pirate, if you were ever exposed to that gem of children’s Bible programming, had a song called ‘The Poochie Lip Disease.’ I loved Patch the Pirate. (I’m serious, I actually love it.) “King Ahab went a walking, … Read more

The Point of Samson

I honestly never gave it a whole lot of thought before this read through and blog series, but Samson always bothered me. I mean, what was the point? Samson is one of the earliest Bible stories you are taught if you are raised in the church. He’s up there with Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. … Read more

Moses Hits the Rock

I was taught that Moses wasn’t allowed to enter the Promised Land because he got violent when God told him to speak peacefully. He hit a rock he was only supposed to talk to. He disobeyed. DON’T DISOBEY! Okay. But… Aaron wasn’t kept out of the Promised Land after making an idol, or scheming against … Read more


I want to take a minute to talk about speculation. Most of the stories we have in the Old Testament don’t give us a lot of detail, especially about what people are thinking or why they make certain choices. A lot of what I do myself as I reflect on passages is speculate about what … Read more

Jacob and Esau

This one has me scratching my head more than shaking it. I mean, at least in this lesson they weren’t so much wrong as…I don’t know. Let me just get to into it. The story/passage I’m addressing today is Isaac and Rebekah, otherwise known as Jacob and Esau. The questionable lesson I received from it? … Read more


This is what really started it all for me. I can’t remember how young I was, probably in junior high, when I read the story of Noah for myself. I remember being…upset. I remember wanting to know where the rest of the story was. See, I was told that a) Noah tried to convince his … Read more