2 Samuel 22-24 Psalm 93

This is another one that confuses me. But first, there’s a song of thanksgiving and praise from early in David’s reign, when he’s finally safe, followed immediately by the ‘last words of David,’ which is another song of praise. From beginning to end, David sought the Lord’s favor, attempted to uphold his covenant. Yes, he … Read more

2 Samuel 19-21 Psalm 92

This is another one that doesn’t grab me right away. Or, rather, that there isn’t one specific thing that screams “I’M IMPORTANT.” See, I like how David accepts Mephibosheth’s explanation, his assertion that he’d never betrayed the man who’d been so kind to him. I like to think that David must have been relieved. With … Read more

2 Samuel 16-18 Psalm 91

Okay, so I get why Joab, the general of the king’s armies, would want the usurper dead. I even understand how he could directly disobey the king to make that happen. It’s easy to understand how someone in that position could justify the execution. The king is made vulnerable by his love for his son … Read more

2 Samuel 13-15 Psalm 90

Yeah, this was an interesting read. I’ve read about Absalom before, but not while actively engaging with the life story of David the way I am with this blog. So… I get why he hates Amnon. That’s… that’s pretty understandable. That dude was pretty despicable. FaithLife Study Bible suggests that Absalom’s persistence in inviting his … Read more

1 Samuel 9-12 Psalm 89

It breaks my heart. I think it’s supposed to. David is shown over and over to be a good, just man, and here he… he just fails. Hard. It’s been pointed out that the little verse at the beginning may be significant: at the time when kings went to war, David stayed home. In the … Read more

2 Samuel 4-8 Psalm 88

So this reading has a passage I’ve been waiting to talk about. Honestly, this is a passage I should probably research more before writing about it, but I want to respond to this one before I read what other’s have to say. I do think I’m going to look for a book on Michal, though. … Read more

2 Samuel 1-3 Psalm 87

I don’t struggle to read the histories. They’re interesting. You’ve got some pretty intense drama happening. I do, however, struggle with how to apply them. How to respond to them. I get why they’re important. I totally understand why it would be important for us to see the history of God working in the nation … Read more