Hosea 6-10 Psalm 123

Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy upon us, for we have had more than enough of contempt. This kind of hits home today. I feel like our world is just so full of contempt. Plenty for the church, but just in general, really. I’m super behind on this reading journey, on this blog. … Read more

1 Samuel 21-24 Psalm 84

David is a good man. Here we see David running for his life. You see him behaving well, just trying to survive. You see him risking his life to save a city even while he’s on the run. You see Saul punish priests and there families for helping a man they did not even know … Read more

Exodus 32-34 Psalm 28

The golden calf. Moses is up on the mountain so long the people of Israel assume he’s dead and demand a replacement. Some of the language suggests that perhaps the calf was a replacement for Moses rather than God: not so much a new deity as… a new point of access. So, a violation of … Read more

Genesis 4-6 & Psalm 2

Honestly, this could be an entry for the Bible vs Sunday School. The problem of Cain. The only lessons I was ever taught from this story were about how evil Cain really was. The first murderer. He killed his own brother. He was the example for how depraved fallen nature really is, and he was … Read more