Daniel 10-12

Prophecy is weird, man, but I gotta say, I think our reactions to it over time have become even weirder.

So I grew up with this idea that the second half of Daniel was some big end times prophecy, and to be honest I’ve only skimmed it until now because it’s weird and difficult to understand. But now I’m not so sure this is about our end times?

I just kind of accepted the multi-layer interpretation because it made sense, but I don’t think it needs to be that complicated.

First of all, you have Daniel receiving this bizarre vision that freaks him out because he cannot understand it even though Gabriel ‘explains’ it. Then Gabriel comes back, well, it’s probably still Gabriel, but it doesn’t actually say. Anyway, Daniel gets a ‘clear’ explanation. I say ‘clear’… And finally, he’s told to seal up the prophecy until it really matters.

Right. Well, the more detailed explanation lays on top of the bizarre vision very neatly, and, according to recorded history, it lays on top of what played out just as well. There’s nothing in there except the promise of resurrection that necessitates looking ahead to END TIMES. Wrapping that up with the injunction to pack it away until it’s needed suggests its all much more immediate.

The Faithlife Study Bible draws parallels between the language in Daniel regarding resurrection and Isaiah’s prophecy. If this prophecy was meant to comfort a people under extreme persecution, adding in that connection, including the ultimate promise (and warning), just makes sense.

  1. God gives the prophecy ahead of time and has it sealed as proof against ‘cheating.’
  2. Years later, people pull out a dusty scroll with seal intact and read all about the stuff they just lived through, clearly written before any of it happened.
  3. It ends with a promise that this too shall pass, remember, you’re headed to resurrection and eternal life.

Why do we need to make it more than that? Isn’t that beautiful enough? Isn’t a God who loves his rebellious people so much that he still grants them hope against despair a worthy enough account?

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