Exodus 35-40 Psalm 29

So, after the golden calf incident, when God was so angry he was going to kill EVERYONE and start over with Moses, and the Levites kill quite a few of them, the remaining Israelites donate enough gold and precious materials for the Tabernacle that the artisans have to make them stop.

So here’s my question: where were these people during the golden calf incident? I mean, the nation of Israel is pretty large at this point. I don’t believe everyone was worshiping that calf. After all, the Levites who stepped up were faithful, right?

The sin with the calf was great enough that God would punish the entire nation for it. Aaron didn’t object to the demands. The Levites who were willing to execute their own family members for the offense weren’t quite faithful enough to intervene and prevent it from happening in the first place. I can see how that would be a significant offense in and of itself.

My son may not have gone in the pantry and gotten the candy himself, but he certainly didn’t stop his little sister. Or from drawing on the walls, or playing in the water in the bathroom, or… You get the idea. And every time, he gets in trouble with her, because he has obligations as someone who absolutely understands the rules better than she does (and quite honestly has more natural hesitation to break them).

I wonder if they recognized the part they played in the offense. I wonder if they realized how in need of forgiveness they were, that Moses was interceding for them to renew the covenant.

I wonder if that had anything to do with their giving toward the Tabernacle. Does that make me cynical?

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