Isaiah 31-35 Psalm 116

The result of righteousness will be quietness and trust for ever.

That sounds so nice. Especially now. Quietness and trust. Peace. No strife. No yelling back and forth. No violence. But it’s more than that. It’s more than just peace. It’s trust.

We will have trust forever. It’s that addition that I’m not familiar with. That extra word that stopped me as I read. That extra word that is just resonating within me right now.


What would it be like to live in a world where we could trust everyone. And I’m not talking about leaving your doors unlocked let your kids run wild in the summer trust. I’m talking no wrong side of town trust, no left vs right wing politics trust, no international incidents trust. Quietness.

Real ‘I trust my neighbors to do the right thing’ trust. ‘I trust my leaders to make the right decisions’ trust. I don’t know what the organizational structure of the new Earth is going to be. Will we have governors that serve under God? Would we even need them? Because we’ll be able to trust everyone to be good. There will be no need for oversight. There will be trust.

There won’t be any social anxiety because you’ll trust the people around you to be compassionate. You’ll trust the best intentions of everything said and done. It’s isn’t like this is shocking, like I expected to walk around heaven with just as much social anxiety as I’ve got here. It’s obvious, really, but it’s a specific perspective I haven’t taken time to sit with before.

Just… can you imagine living in a world where you can trust literally everyone with literally everything? Because honestly, compared to zero pain or sadness, complete trust is a little more difficult for me to comprehend. It’s up there with ‘what will we do all day?’

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