Isaiah 39-41 Psalm 118

I apologize for my absence: I have a bad run of migraines and fatigue. I appreciate your understanding. I will return to my schedule of double posting weekends until I catch up with my original timeline…

Isaiah 39 is a trip. First you have Hezekiah giving a guided tour and showing everything he has to some visitors who are basically casing the joint. When Isaiah tells him that they’re going to come back and cart everything and everyone off, making his own sons slaves, Hezekiah says, “Whatever.”

As long as he wasn’t the one who was going to go into slavery, what did he care? Even his own sons meant so little to him. It’s mind boggling.

I mean, what kind of parent cares nothing about the lives of their children? What kind of parent hear’s that their children will lose everything, be enslaved, be mutilated, and respond with, “Well, that sounds like their problem”?

Okay. So practically, my mind immediately starts to assume that this king doesn’t really have much of a relationship with his children anyway. Yeah, they’re biologically his, but does he actually know any of them? Hardly seems likely. But, then, honestly, I think about the world I’ve grown up in, and I feel like an awful lot of people were warned about an awful lot problems, are being warned about an awful lot of problems, and are having the same response. All of the proposed solutions are mildly inconvenient? Disrupt the status quo? Meh. Sounds like borrowing trouble, really. This all worked for us, so if you’ve got a problem with it, that’s a you problem…

So yeah, it’s a bit shocking to read it so summarily presented like it is, but it also feels really familiar.

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