I love the story of Esther. It’s very cinematic. It is, quite simply, a good story.

The king is a bit of a cliche. His reactions are so extreme to everything. He either completely distances himself from any decision, simply ordering his advisors to do as they please, or he’s quite dramatic.

Haman gets truly poetic justice, first dictating the honor he wishes to receive only to see it given to his enemy, and then being hung on the gallows he built to execute someone else.

Esther has to risk her life before the king not once but twice, simply because he thought punishing Haman would make up for decreeing the deaths of her entire people? Somehow? And she has to remind him that everyone is still going to die.

Then, because he can’t just say “Don’t kill them” since that would be contradicting himself, what he does instead is give the Jews permission to defend themselves. And they do.

It’s all very symmetrical.

There’s a clear message here, and it gets taught often and well: be faithful where you are, whatever the circumstances might be. Do what is right, whatever the risk. You might be in any given situation “for such a time as this.”

I just don’t know why we depict Esther as meek just because she’s obedient. I think she’s intelligent, and she actually seems quite strong.

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