Zechariah 1-4

“And many nations shall join themselves to the Lord.” It was never just about Israel. I’m not sure there is a passage in the Bible to suggest that Israel ever understood that, ever acted like a nation of priests out to welcome and convert the nations of the world. Was there a single period in … Read more


It’s such a short book about a prophet calling the people to rebuild the temple and reconsecrate the people of Israel. People say it isn’t time to rebuild, but you seem to be quite comfortable in your house, why can’t you rebuild mine? You know nothing is going to grow well until you do, right? … Read more

Daniel 4-6

Oh, Nebuchadnezzar. Really think you could have done without those 7 spans of time acting like a cow in the field, you know? He recognized God’s power when Daniel interpreted the first dream. He outlawed speaking against God after the incident with the furnace. The man had no problems acknowledging God’s superiority. He was just … Read more


I’ll be honest. Joel is one of those books that I’m not entirely sure what to do with. It’s a prophecy a lot like every other prophecy we have on record. There’s just one thing that stands out: the promise of the Holy Spirit. Eventually, Joel promises, the Spirit will be poured out on everyone. … Read more

Esther 6-10

I love the story of Esther. It’s very cinematic. It is, quite simply, a good story. The king is a bit of a cliche. His reactions are so extreme to everything. He either completely distances himself from any decision, simply ordering his advisors to do as they please, or he’s quite dramatic. Haman gets truly … Read more

Esther 1-5

A couple things stood out to me reading through the first half of Esther. The first is that Mordecai is not the comforting, faithful father figure I used to think he was. Yes, he took in Esther and raised her as his own daughter when her parents died. That speaks highly of his character. He … Read more

Nehemiah 12-13

So that statement that Nehemiah made earlier in the book asking God to remember how he did such a good thing is starting to make more sense. He makes a similar statement again, and it doesn’t read so much like boasting when it is once again surrounded by people making a mess of things and … Read more

Nehemiah 7-9

The joy of the Lord is my strength. I love this verse. A group of traumatized people have returned to their ruined city. They’ve just listened to someone read out the law of God, a law they have not been following. They are devastated. Probably really scared. More than a little worried. And Ezra tells … Read more

Ezekiel 40-44

Man. Okay, I know exile is pretty extreme. Siege and the horrible things that are done within the walls of a starving and frightened city are extreme. Judah faced pretty harsh judgment for their idolatry and profanity. But the personal nature of this judgment on the Levites is special. They are to tend the temple, … Read more