Exodus 13-15 Psalm 21

All of that. All ten plagues. Passover and the death of the firstborn. And they still grumble pretty much immediately.

“Did you bring us out here to die?”

“We never asked for this.”

For crying out loud. I do not understand. I don’t think I ever will. I mean, I’ve seen enough in my life that I’m not actually surprised, that I don’t find it difficult to believe, but I still can’t say I understand it.

And God’s reaction is so… amazingly sarcastic here. “Why do you cry to me?” Seriously? What is the problem here? Did you miss all that I’ve just done? Do you really think I’m going to sleep on you here? That I worked all of that to get you out just to abandon you and let you die in the wilderness?

Here’s a really important question: Do you sometimes go to God whining about a problem or situation that is beyond you, forgetting that he has it all in hand. Asking for guidance, deliverance, help, comfort… all of these things are good. Sometimes, though, I think we all have a tendency to give up, whine and complain, to forget that “The Lord will fight for (us), and (we) have only to be silent.”

There is a difference between approaching him and humbly asking for help and approaching him in an attitude of accusation, demanding to an explanation. What did I do to deserve this? I never asked for this! Why would a loving God bring me here?

And maybe we never take it quite that far, but I know I get awfully close sometimes. Just whining. I’m tired. I don’t know how much longer I can wait, how much longer I can keep going, how much longer I…

I believe he’s okay with scared and tired and everything else we feel. Those are real and natural feelings. I believe he truly wants our honesty. How many psalms are angry or frightened? But there is an admission of weakness and request for help and there is defiance. It’s a very fine line, sometimes. Job crosses that line, and we’ll talk about that when we get there.

Just, for now, remember:

… And just to add really quick, my take on that ‘be silent’ is along the lines of ‘be still and know.’ You need only to allow God to move, to have faith.

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