Exodus 30-31 Psalm 27

What caught my attention reading these chapters was the preparation of artisans to construct and decorate the Tabernacle.

When God asks you to do something, it very well may be too big for you. Maybe you just need to trust him to supply the skill or guidance, but maybe he’s preparing a team for you. Maybe you’ll never realize how much groundwork has already been laid until you step out in faith to do your part.

Yeah, it’s terrifying. Yeah, it’s overwhelming. But you’ll never be doing it alone.

How do you think Moses felt listening to all those instructions? I wonder if he was already making a list in his head of things that needed doing, people that needed recruiting. I wonder if he was worried about finding all the right people. Did he know who had the skills? Was he planning to ask around? Was he starting to get nervous about all the detailed work God was describing?

Had he learned better by then? I don’t know. Maybe he assumed God would get around to explaining the how after he was done with the what.

I still have to remind myself, sometimes, that God will get around to the how. Or he won’t and it’ll just fall into place around me. I have to remind myself that something being too much for me just might be the point, because it’s then that his power is best on display. I pray for the patience and faith to listen and obey whether or not I get the answers I want before hand.

The truth is: I have no idea how he’s moving in the lives of others. I have no idea who he’s preparing to come into my life when I need them. I have no idea who I’m being prepared to help. For all I know, I’m someone’s craftsman. And honestly? I think I might prefer that to being being Moses.

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