Ezekiel 40-44

Man. Okay, I know exile is pretty extreme. Siege and the horrible things that are done within the walls of a starving and frightened city are extreme. Judah faced pretty harsh judgment for their idolatry and profanity. But the personal nature of this judgment on the Levites is special.

They are to tend the temple, always, as was their historical obligation, historical honor. Except now they will be denied entrance to the holiest places, use of the holy objects. They will be kept forever in sight of the honor they once held, in service of the temple, under the authority of those who are trusted with the obligations.

They aren’t being outright dismissed. They aren’t being cast out. That would almost be setting them free, right? Allowing them to go their own ways, to move on, to forget.

No. They are being kept close. Constantly reminded of what had been done, and what it had cost.

It is subtle. It is personal. It is heavy.

God does not take kindly to those in authority leading the vulnerable astray. Those in authority have a special obligation, and it is a heavy one.

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