Zechariah 1-4

“And many nations shall join themselves to the Lord.”

It was never just about Israel. I’m not sure there is a passage in the Bible to suggest that Israel ever understood that, ever acted like a nation of priests out to welcome and convert the nations of the world. Was there a single period in their history when someone embraced the vision?

We have the great commission. We have Acts 1:8. The christian church is built on the direct command to go and make disciples of every nation. So, a lot like foundational premise of Israel: “blessed to be a blessing,” meant to be a “nation of priests.”

How well are we doing? Pretty much ever denomination out there, regardless of the sign on the door, has some form of mission work, some idea of community outreach. So, better than Israel at least, right?

Sure, sure, some do better than others. There’s a lot of valid criticism for strong-arm and culturally aggressive methods that dominate public awareness if nothing else, but there is also a rich history of genuinely faithful and sincerely serving men and women truly loving the world in the spirit of Christ.

So which are you? Are you one of God’s chosen, one of the special people, sitting in righteous judgment of the fallen world, desperate to win the culture war, eager to protect your purity from secular muck? Or are you a servant priest, seeking out the desperate and lonely, the broken and dirty, to love them, letting the Spirit move through you and around you? Or maybe you’re a good citizen, trusting those who lead you, marching the path set out for you.

How far off course could Israel have gone, with any of their wicked kings, if the priesthood had continued to serve faithfully? If the people had continued to serve faithfully?

At the risk of sounding a certain way, I feel compelled to remind you: not everyone who is wrong is malicious, and not everyone who disagrees with you is wrong.

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